T5W – Favorite Underrated Books

T5w – Favorite Underrated Books

This week (a day late) we are discussing our favorite underrated books. We spent time looking at books that are under appreciated and need some love. We want to share the love and hopefully get these great books some more recognition that they deserve. I thought it was important to include their number of Goodreads ratings, so you could get a feel for how few people have read these books. Let us know which underrated books we should read, so we can spread the love.


Sugar Daddies by Jade West – Goodreads Ratings 2,950 – Okay. Let me start by saying that the cover and title of this book do not do it justice! We both LOVED this book and put it on our lists for Top Books of 2016. This one also has more ratings than the others on our list because we feel that Sugar Daddies is underrated based on perception. This book is about Carl and Rick and their struggle to find a woman to join their relationship. It’s about a mature, loving, and respectful couple that turns into a polyamorous threesome. I loved the characters and the lack of unnecessary drama. You won’t find monumental problems that could be solved with a simple adult conversation in this one. What you will find is mutual respect, adult conversations and passionate love. Oh, and it’s wicked hot! (Rebecca & Jill)


The Awakening of Ivy Leavold by Sierra Simone – Goodreads Ratings 1,324 – This is a historical book set in 1879 England. When Ivy is left destitute after her brother’s death, she is taken in by her cousin’s widower, Mr. Markham, and goes to live at Markham Hall. Mr. Markham is under suspicion for the death of his wife at the time. This story is filled with mystery and intrigue surrounding almost every character we encounter, including Markham Hall itself. It is written with such fluidity and sensuality that you find yourself transported to another time and place, and while this is written with an Old World feel, Simone’s writing melds the gap in time with ease. I was absolutely arrested by the eroticism and dark sensuality of this book. (Jill)


Written in the Stars by Freya Jackson – Goodreads Ratings 3 (Yep, you read that right – 3!) – This is a paranormal romance standalone that takes place in London and the English countryside. The book follows the life of a young woman named Kimi that has unexplained powers. She doesn’t know what to make of them until one day Midnight Shaman Damien shows up and explains that she is a witch and is being chased by the bad guys. Written in the Stars is a classic good vs. evil story with interesting and believable characters. I was extremely pleased to have found this one. It’s definitely worth the read for PNR lovers. (Rebecca)


The Imdalind Series by Rebecca Ethington – Goodreads Ratings 20K For ENTIRE 7 Book Series – This series is a young adult, paranormal romance with a large helping of intensity and intrigue. The first book of this series is “Kiss of Fire”, and it is merely the stepping stone to the epic adventure of magic and true love that is to come. Love does come with a price and these characters certainly pay it. The Imdalind series is such an intricate, masterfully woven world. It is dark, tender, intense, heart wrenching and utterly spellbinding. Ethington has managed to touch my soul with this story of love, magic and sacrifice. *Parental Warning – There are scenes of torture and intense magical violence throughout the series* (Jill)


Spotless by Camilla Monk – Goodreads Ratings 1,131 –I recently read and loved this book! LOVED. It’s about a gentleman hitman with an extreme case of OCD. He is charming, distant and dreamy. Island finds herself face-to-face with a strange man on coming home from work early. Her apartment is also strangely clean… The story follows Island and March while they try to hunt down a near priceless diamond Island’s mother stole years ago and hid, leaving clues that only Island can decipher. It’s part spy-thriller and part comedy. I’m absolutely going to read the rest of the series! (Rebecca)


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