Review – Bend (Vegas Heat #1) by Molly McLain

Bend (Vegas Heat #1) by Molly McLain

  • 4 Stars
  • Contemporary Romance
  • Police Officer
  • First In A Series
  • Heat Level 3

This was my first book by Molly McLain. It kept popping up, and I just wasn’t sure what to think about it. New author, a cop hero, takes place in Las Vegas (I used to live there. I’m always afraid authors are going to misrepresent the REAL Las Vegas, ya know, where people actually live). I finally decided I had to give it a go. The blurb sounded so good! I was not disappointed.  

Kinsey is the tourism police chief’s daughter. She has a healthy respect and distaste for police officers, except for Sergeant Hardass. Could he stop pulling her over and looking so good doing it!? This is how the book begins, with our couple meeting at a “routine” traffic stop. Trent just can’t help himself. Kinsey should know better because she’s the chief’s daughter and that does not make her above the law. Their banter and the enemies to lovers plot kept me smiling.

The story unfolds in a very low angst and easy to follow story. It has heat, romance and a little mystery. I would have like a little bit more development at the end of the story, which is why I gave it 4 stars. It seemed to end a little abruptly, just as the story was getting really good. That being said, I would definitely recommend reading it. It was a fun and easy to read book. I will continue with the series because there are a lot of hot men in this book, and I need to know their stories.

A copy of Bend was given to me by the publisher for an honest review.


Snag a copy from Amazon – Bend



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