Review – Managed (Idol #2) by Kristen Callihan

Managed (Idol #2) by Kristen Callihan

  • 4.5 Stars
  • Contemporary Romance
  • Suit/Rockstar
  • Recent Release
  • Heat Level 3

First let me start by saying, I’m a Kristen Callihan fan. I’ve read a few of her books this year and loved them all. Managed was no exception. There is something incredibly satisfying about seeing a strong, powerful, intensely self-contained man crumble. Oh, how I love to watch the mighty fall. That’s probably why I love suit romance books so much.

Gabriel “Scottie” Scott keeps the world at arms length, even his best friends, who are also his chosen family. He is stern and all business all the time, until Sophie ends up as his seatmate on an international flight. Sophie is vivacious, witty and extremely hard to ignore. Her charisma and charm lure Gabriel in from takeoff.

The banter in this book is some of the best ever. It’s fun, clever and hilarious. I spent most of this book with a smile on my face. I loved watching the connection grow between Sophie and Gabriel. It was a slow burn romance, which was exactly perfect for these two. It was in the little, relationship building details that the author’s talent really shined through.

The members of Kill John, the band Gabriel manages, were amazing, just as before in Idol. I’m glad we got to know them a little better in this installment. I cannot WAIT for Jax’s book. I love him and call dibs. I will be pre-ordering book 3 as soon as there’s a link. I love this group of characters and look forward to reading each of their love stories.


Grab yourself copies of Idol (VIP Book 1) and Managed (VIP Book 2) and meet the guys!




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